Rol y composición de la Junta

The role and responsibility of the Board is to oversee and direct the senior management of Karoon by:

  • defining and monitoring the strategic direction of the Company;
  • defining policies and procedures to ensure Karoon operates within the legal, ethical and social requirements of its environment;
  • establishing control and accountability systems within Karoon’s operations to conform to the legal requirements and the expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders;
  • defining and monitoring the management of an effective risk assessment strategy;
  • securing funds to develop Karoon’s assets;
  • driving Company performance;
  • from time to time, reviewing and monitoring management and Company performance;
  • appointing and appraising the Executive Directors;
  • ensuring there are adequate plans and procedures for succession planning;
  • reviewing and approving the remuneration of the Executive Directors and senior executives;
  • approving and monitoring the progress of major capital expenditure, capital management, acquisitions and divestitures; and
  • approving and monitoring financial and other reporting.

The Managing Director is responsible for managing the Company in accordance with the strategy, plans and policies approved by the Board. The Executive Directors and other key management personnel are responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the Company. The Board has policies and procedures in place to assess the performance of the Executive Directors.

The role and responsibilities of the Board are listed in the Company’s Board Charter, which can be found under Board and Committee Charters on the Karoon website.

In addition to the above, matters expressly reserved to the Board are:

  • approval of the corporate budget; and
  • approval for expenditure over a set limit.

The Board believes that this is appropriate at this time given the level and complexity of transactions.

The Board is made up of a total of 8 Directors consisting of a majority of independent Non-Executive Directors. The composition breakdown is five independent Non-Executive Directors (including the Chair), one Non-Executive Director and two Executive Directors.

The skills, experience and expertise relevant to the position of each Director, and term of office are detailed under Directors and Management on the website.

The composition of the Board is reviewed periodically, having regard to the current and future growth phases of the Company’s business.